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Professional manufacturer of electrical equipment--Deyang Shangdong Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd
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Deyang Shangdong has a considerable proportion of high-tech talents, mainly manufacturing electrical automatic control systems for various projects. On the basis of domestic electrical automatic control systems, it has absorbed the advantages of domestic and foreign electrical automatic control systems for many years, combined with the essence of all kinds of electrical automatic control, adopted advanced technology and rigorous design concept for manufacturing, and introduced international technology Advanced management methods, and preferred components of international and domestic famous brands, such as Siemens of Germany, Euroland of Britain, CT and abb of Germany, Schneider of France and components of domestic famous brands. The electrical automatic control system manufactured by our company has excellent performance, reliable operation, fault display, control display, multiple intelligent protection functions, USS communication protocol, 485 Communication protocol, on-line and stand-alone control, centralized control and local control, intuitive human-machine interface, DCS system, PLC logic central processing, easy operation, convenient maintenance, reliable quality, elegant appearance, strong humanistic concept, etc., are the leaders of electrical automatic control system.

Deyang Shangdong Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. cooperates with Japanese Daikin company, German Siemens company, ABB company and other well-known foreign enterprises. Over the years, it has provided advanced electrical drive and automation complete sets of equipment and technical services for China, Southeast Asia and South America. It has won the trust and good products of the majority of new and old customers, and the purpose of our company is to make users satisfied with their use.

Tel: 0838-2407666

Address: No.15, north section of Changbaishan Road, Deyang City, Sichuan Province

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