Deyang Shangdong Electrical Equipment Co. , Ltd. (formerly Deyang Ruihua Electrical Equipment) is a high-tech enterprises, focusing on research, development, design, manufacture of special electrical equipment, heavy-duty, lifting equipment, constant pressure water supply, sewage treatment environmental protection energy-saving, machine tools, construction, hydraulic lubrication equipment and based on PLC, man-machine interface, industrial computer platform data processing system automation control.

    Deyang Shangdong has a large proportion of high-tech talents, mainly manufacturing electrical automatic control systems for various projects. On the basis of Chinese electrical automatic control systems, after further absorbing the advantages of electrical automatic control systems of China and international for many years, combining the essence of various types of electrical automatic control, adopting advanced technology and strict design concepts to manufacture, and introducing international advanced management methods, and preferred international and domestic well-known brands of components, such as Germany's Siemens, Britain's continental, Germany's CT and ABB, France's Schneider and Chinese well-known brands of components, etc. , the electrical automatic control system manufactured by our company has excellent performance, reliable work, trouble display, control display, multiple intelligent protection functions, USS Communication Protocol, 485 communication protocol, on-line and single-machine control, centralized control and local control, human-machine interface direct viewing, DCS system, PLC logic central processing, easy operation, convenient maintenance, reliable quality, strong humanistic idea, etc. ,These make the company a leader in electrical automatic control systems.

    Deyang Shangdong Electrical Equipment Co. , Ltd. Cooperates with Japanese Daikin company, German Siemens, ABB Company and other famous foreign enterprises, over the years, we have successively provided advanced electric drive and automation complete sets of equipment and technical services for China, Southeast Asia and South America, winning the trust and good quality of our customers, both old and new. To 100% satisfy the customers is the purpose of our division. 


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