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The management idea:

Understands the customer's creativity, satisfies the customer's demand.

The quality is the enterprise's life, relies on the strict quality standard, provides the satisfied product for the customers. 

Service: To meet the growing service demand of customers, for the sake of customers. 

Innovation: Constant innovation is the weight of enterprise competition, only innovation is the new favorite of the market. 

The Tenet of the enterprise : 

To create famous brand with technology, to survive with quality, to service exhibition credit, to compete for market with price, to promote development with management" , which is the core of Shangdong Electric Enterprise Culture. With the guarantee of safe and efficient product standard, Shangdong electric Equipment provides customers with safe, reliable, high-quality and innovative products.

Shangdong's responsibility:

The clients of the Shangdong are the gods .We judge our performance by the suggestions of our customers. Only by improving the quality and innovation of our products can we meet their needs.

Respect employees -- "People first" -- we provide employees with opportunities to participate in and take on challenging tasks. Contribute to the development of the company. We believe that the vast number of employees capable, diligent, loyal. We encourage staff to take the initiative to meet customer requirements and improve the efficiency of the proposal, fully respect the reasonable suggestions and opinions of staff. Teamwork -- we are going to be a team, a team player. 

The pursuit of excellence -- our goal is to be a leader in the industry and to be recognized by our customers for every product and service. 

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